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Reaching goals through
experience and commitment. 


Techmacon Ltd was founded with the objective of providing manufacturing in China with an emphasis on high quality awareness, especially for high mix low volume projects. 


With our broad knowledge-base and long-term experience we achieve high customer satisfaction by meeting specific requirements in a wide range of industries. Our cooperation and collaboration with clients results in a win-win situation that ensures a successful, long-term relationships.


Techmacon started as a small family business providing technology consulting services in Hong Kong. As the business grew, we quickly needed our own production facility. So we decided to build a manufacturing plant, named TMC Electronics Ltd., in neighbouring Shenzhen.


With 30 years of manufacturing experience in electronics manufacturing services, Techmacon has grown into a successful middle-sized family business. We invest in building personal and customer-oriented relationships to be able to individually respond to the needs of each client. 

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